True Match project, diploma thesis

Hala C, Prague, Cz

True Match video installation, 2017, Gallery Hala C, CZ

A significant contemporary theme has become mental hygiene in an environment that is perhaps in the world digital technologies in all areas of life. Besides many health problems caused by the constant technological acceleration of modern and contemporary society, with the onset of systematic addition digitization of human lives and their interconnection with other virtual visual interfaces. Along with a number of syndromes associated with human attention on the interface as well as further fragmentation of our attention, which is no longer just being tested the greater the speed and the amount of sensations offered, the phenomenon of need began to emerge "Digital Hygiene". If you today want to verify that you look great that your image corresponds to the latest fashion trends and you are full of charism and self-esteem, you will not turn as a whole generation deep into history to the reflective surface of the nearest puddle, nor to a more comfortable mirror, but Simply and simply immortalize through the selfie feature apps like Instagram. These virtual spaces are a trendsetter self-affirmation by the medium in which all participants become a re-commodity selling themselves for the currency of their own popularity. At the same time, it is firmly wedged into this social dimension and the huge economy associated with the beauty industry. These mechanisms applications and their structure define a network in which the collective organism is forming the current ideal of beauty. This impersonal virtual beauty machine in its the gears crush hundreds of millions of its users under constant pressure, associated with anxiety about exclusion.