Deathlist? colonization of nature


The project deals with an unspecified future, which can be in 5 years but also in 50 years. The timelessness of videos and collages is important in this regard, because the topic covered in the video is currently very current and even alarming, perceived through contemporary optics and available information. The urgency of the message may differ more or less in the future from the current view that an ecological apocalypse on our planet is inevitable in the near future.

The general spread of this paradox, the fact that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than its change, testifies to the effect of ideology (S. Zizek ).

In the video, as a mediator for depicting this sensitive situation, which still has many skeptics who question the marked changes in nature, stands a symbolic figure who, from the position of a future biologist - adventurer, or just an independent person playing the game through his technological device, looks at the future outcome of the fact of the sixth extinction. We look at a person walking through a landscape similar to that on Mars and discovering pre-existing animals present in various locations through augmented reality. The video should give the impression that the viewer does not know whether he presents digital animals as de facto extinct, and thus the video would be educational and urgent in view of current changes and disappearance of endangered species, or the video essay tends to current trends in augmented reality. in general, gaming spaces on the Internet, where everything is just an imagination, even if everything is based on scientific studies on this issue.

Last walk, digital collage

Birds legs, digital collage